Mould Remediation

Time is the most crucial factor in successfully remediation of a building after water damage. If left unchecked, lingering moisture can help mould spores germinate, grow and amplify, turning even a minor flood into a significant health and safety risk. Mold can also be caused in part by energy conservation measures, changes in building materials, rapid construction techniques, and mechanical HVAC systems for comfort control.

At IBX Services, our trained and certified consultants are prepared to respond quickly to mold remediation projects of all sizes and complexities. We work with environmental engineering firms and industrial hygienists to obtain surface and air samples before and after a remediation project, to identify the microorganism that is causing the mold, and to assess the severity of the risk to human health. After our remediation process is complete, we obtain professional certification ensuring your environment is healthy and safe, according to the highest industry standards.

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