6 Steps To Take After A Flood

Flooding is becoming more common – and more expensive. You can’t stop it happening but you can minimize its effects. Here are some tips to help you deal with a flood.

  1. Play it safe. The dangers are not over when the water goes down. Your home’s foundation may have been weakened, the electrical system may have shorted out, and floodwaters may have left behind things that could make you sick. When in doubt, throw it out. Don’t risk injury or infection.
  2. Take Care of Yourself First.  Protect yourself and your family from stress, fatigue, and health hazards that follow a flood.
  3. Give Your Home First Aid.  Once it is safe to go back in, protect your home and contents from further damage. Stop the flow of water: This may include turning off the water supply and/or contacting a plumber. Freshwater: Remove wet pad to allow carpet to dry. Carpet that is wet from clean water can usually be dried, cleaned and relayed over a new pad. Sewer backup: Remove areas of the wet pad and wet carpet. Areas connecting to, but not wet, should not be removed at this time. The claim representative will evaluate and provide specific instructions.
  4. Get Organized.  Some things are not worth repairing and some things may be too complicated or expensive for you to do by yourself. A recovery plan can take these things into account and help you make the most of your time and money.
  5. Dry Out Your Home.  Floodwaters damage materials, leave mud, silt and unknown contaminants, and promote the growth of mildew. You need to dry your home to reduce these hazards and the damage they cause. Fans may be used to facilitate drying of the carpet. Furniture may be moved to dry rooms or put on blocks to keep dry and prevent the carpet from staining. Be sure to also remove all standing water outside, because it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  6. Clean Up.  The walls, floors, closets, shelves, contents and any other flooded parts of your home should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

Remember, the after flooding process is always difficult. Leave it to professionals!


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