Water Damage Restoration Company

An organization that is specialises and have a qualified team in the mitigation of water damage to quickly address and to stop the damage impacts on fixed structures and content that are saturated as an outcome of excessive water ingress it is called a Water Damage Restoration Company.

The main perpose is to put away excess water and to dry wet carpet and other wet structures that can be salvaged. If are areas where water damaged content and structures can not be salvaged, they should be removed as soon as possible to protect and dry the structures that they can be exposed to other effects of flooding and water damage.

Clients that fortunately don’t have had water damage problems, nor have they ever known that there are specialised water damage cleaning and restoration contractors dealing specifically with the mitigation, recovery and reinstatement water damaged homes, apartments, warehouses, retail outlets and other commercial premises can find us easily thorugout the Google. We are known as the leading water damage restoration company in Toronto and all GTA.

Water Damage Restoration Company

With 15 years of experience, extensive training and the most advanced equipment, IBX Services is the leading cleaning and restoration company serving Toronto.

We are a specialized company that has held the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) since our inception. Our professional team ensures all water damage restoration and wet carpet drying programs undertaken by IBX Services are executed according to IICRC standards in a timely manner that is timely and cost effective for our clients. Our quality, safety and environmental processes are accredited making us the most recommended company in Toronto and not only.

During water damage restoration, we will take care not only dry your water damaged carpets and other water damaged structures in your premises; such as subfloors, walls and ceilings, but we will use our reinstatement programs that aim to rebuild your home or business to its pre-loss condition. We have the ability to organise and manage all required trades directly, so you do not need to deal with and try to coordinate multiple contractors.

Call Professionals

Of course, it’s every property owner’s or manager’s worst nightmare: floods steadily rising in the rooms, offices and corridors of your prized investment.

At IBX Services, we know that making a phone call to a disaster restoration company is the last thing running through your mind but time is the most crucial factor in restoring and remediating your property and minimizing your losses. So when disaster strikes, call the right professionals, at the right time.

Our team is the first choice of property owners, managers, insurance companies and independent adjusters.Our honesty, commitment and dedication to helping our customers bring their lives back to normal as quickly as possible has earned us the Top Choice Award for Business Excellence for the past three years.

Don’t think twice to call us here.

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