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When we talk for mold problems, bathroom mold is the first thing pass on the mind. It is the most common phenomenon and appears for some different reasons. If you are thinking to hire a professional company, we recommend that before understanding what you can safely clean or remove on your own, and when you require a professional mold removal company.

Surface Bathroom Mold

In most situations, surface mold can be cleaned without the help of a mold removal professional team and without affecting your indoor air quality. Surface mold is often found where there is poor ventilation causing high-humidity. When the steam from a hot shower becomes trapped, the moisture combined with organic materials (wood/body oils/soap/dirt) creates the perfect environment for bathroom mold to grow. But if your bath surface is structurally sound the surface mold can be scrubbed and disinfected with a strong household cleaner (vinegar, bleach or baking soda).

The solution to bathroom mold removal is to get rid of the mold, but also get rid of the cause of the mold so it does not come back. IBX Services Team has some tips to avoid the return of surface mold in your bathroom:

  • Don’t forget to check the bathroom fan if is functioning as intended and leave it running for 30-60 minutes after a shower.
  • Always open a window to allow steam (moisture) to escape after a shower.
  • Secure the shower curtain to avoid any overspray during showers.
  • Dry all condensation and pooled water at once
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces regularly, including grout and behind the toilet.
  • Replace caulking when it begins to discolor and can no longer be cleaned.

Call a bathroom mold removal company and not only, like IBX Services, if you experience the following issues:

  • Soft, wet material in the bathroom
  • Sink leak behind the countertop/vanity
  • Grout/Tiles/caulking cracked allowing water to leak behind the shower wall
  • Toilet leak
  • Discoloration of baseboards and drywall (that returns despite following the tips provided)
  • Flooring lifted or bubbling

If you are ever unsure that you need a Mold Inspection or Indoor Air Quality Test, give IBX Services a call at +1-416-252-5959.


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