Fire damage in Mississauga

A huge fire engulfed several homes on Monday in Mississauga, near Ratburn Road East at 6 PM where the emergency crews were fully engaged into putting out the fire for several hours after. Luckily no one was injured, but over 7 houses were damaged by the fire and subsequent water.
It is reported that the fire started from the roof of a two-storey home and then proceeded to spread all around the other houses as well. MiWay helped for the evacuation of the neighboring residents by bringing their buses to the site.
IBX Services was immediately brought in to the issue and our 24/7 emergency crew was dispatched as soon as the fire was put off at around 3 hours after it started, in order to prevent further damage and begin restoring the houses.
This project is proof that the growth of IBX Services always continues, and that the only reason why we keep growing is our professionalism, team of experts and dedication to offering the best available service to any of our clients. Following that, IBX has quickly grown to be a leading Emergency Services Company in Toronto and the surrounding areas, receiving countless project of all sizes, from homes to large condominiums, and always being prepared to assist any of our clients with their emergencies in a timely manner.
If disaster ever strikes upon your home or precious belongings, be it water damage, fire, mold and others, we know it can be a very stressful situation for you and your loved ones. At those times of need we are here for you to take the situation in our hands, release the burden and restore everything to how it used to be before, preventing future damage and making sure that each of our clients is satisfied.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at 416-252-5959 and we will make sure to give our best of service and dispatch an emergency team to you right away.

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