Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Cleaning

Every fire damage, no affect the size, is traumatizing for those involved. So, in these cases is very important to have an experienced fire damage restoration team on your side that will help get you back your property better conditions after the fire.

Most fires only cause major damage to a small portion of a home. However, that small kitchen fire likely created soot and smoke damage throughout the entire home. Simply cleaning a home damaged by fire is likely not going to be enough, as odors can linger in objects, carpet, walls, and any other porous surface if not properly treated.

Here are some steps for the process of fire damage restoration and smoke cleaning in your home:


  • The restoration company gets the call and will respond as quickly as possible. Good fire damage restoration companies, like IBX Services, understand the longer you let the smoke and soot sit, the harder it will be to fix the damage that’s been done.
  • We will take a walk through your home and see the damage, and create a plan of action. Also, IBS Services will likely also be able to work with your insurance adjuster or insurance company during the loss.
  • IBX Services staff will come in and box up any contents in your home that may have been damaged – from clothing and bedding to dishes, electronics, etc., that are salvageable. Believe it or not, many of the items in your home could be saved through special cleaning and restoration techniques in an experienced content restoration division.
  • Restoration begins. This could include removing the carpet or other porous materials, scrubbing down walls with special solutions that will remove the soot and the odor, and will wipe down every single surface over and over until it’s clean. It could also mean doing things like removing cabinets from the wall to clean behind them or removing charred beams saturated with smoke and soot.
  • Address the smoke damage. This is very important. A good fire damage restoration company like IB Services has the best methods used to address smoke damage. If not properly removed, the smoke smell can reappear during a change in the weather, presence of moisture, or other environmental changes. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced team making sure not only that your home is clean and the visible damage removed, but also that the smell is removed as well.
  • After the cleaning, you can return the items to your home that had been removed for cleaning. When they were removed from your home, they were carefully packed up according to room and location by our staff. So, you can put them in their places as they were before the fire.


The best restoration companies go above and beyond when helping you after a traumatic loss like a fire. Don’t lose time, every minute is important. Call us at +1-416-252-5959.


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