Small Fire | How Getting Rid of Damages?

Never let a small fire become a major emergency. Learn how to identify and handle small fires safely. Having the proper materials in your home to handle a small fire is very important.

Electrical Fires

Certain conditions may lead to an electrical fire, including circuit breakers that repeatedly trip, shocks or tingling feeling as you touch an electrical appliance, flickering lights, discolored electrical wall outlets and a burning smell or smoke from the wiring.

How to put out an electrical fire:

  • Pour baking soda on a broken cord. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is the substance in Class C fire extinguishers.
  • This works well because of the water produced by baking soda, which will cool and put out the fire totally.
  • You have to use a Class C fire extinguisher to efficiently put out a fire caused by wiring, electrical outlets, circuit breakers, and appliances. After that, turn off the electrical panel to prevent the fire from growing.
  • Remember, don’t use water to put out an electrical fire. There’s a high possibility of being shocked.

Fireplace Fires

  • If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it’s essential knowing how to properly put out the fire in your home. Every fireplace varies in size, but you can use a standard procedure that will work for each.
  • You have to use a fireplace poker to spread out the wood and debris. In this way, the flames will progressively die out the longer you move the logs around.
  • Use the fireplace shovel to cover the embers and wood as they cool. Slow shoveling repeatedly will put out the flames totally.
  • To be extra cautious, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on top of the materials.

Another Small fire

Fires from cook or gas fires are also common in houses. There are some easy ways to take care of these as well. Cooking fires are often caused by grease, so placing a metal lid over the pan works best. Make sure to turn the heat off first. For gas fires, immediately turn off the gas supply. Using also thick blanket will work great for putting this type of fire.

Not every fire is small enough to handle on your own, so always call a professional if you’re unsure. For any fire damage restoration service or tips on handling future issues, contact IBX Services at +1-416-252-5959!

adminSmall Fire | How Getting Rid of Damages?

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