Media & Soda Blasting

Media and Soda Blasting

Media blasting offers a safer, less abrasive alternative to sandblasting as Soda Blasting. While sandblasting still has its place, it is often too harsh for many soft surfaces. If not done properly, the sand granules can leave scratches and permanently damage surfaces like wood, aluminum and plastic.

What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting represents one of the mildest forms of abrasive media blasting and is much gentler than sandblasting. It combines the power of compressed air with the abrasive action of sodium bicarbonate which serves the same purpose as sand. While this form does have its limitations, it allows us to clean surfaces that would otherwise be considered ruined.

To combat this problem, IBX uses other materials like walnut shells, crushed glass and soda blasting to remove graffiti. While the terms sandblasting and media blasting are sometimes used interchangeably, media blasting is the new and improved way of removing graffiti.

Media Blasting


People have been trusting soda blasting for decades to clean even the most difficult of structures. Most notably, soda blasting was used to improve the surface of The Statue of Liberty. This media blasting form was gentle enough to remove various marks and damage without compromising the statue underneath.

It helps to remove surface particles while leaving layers underneath untouched. This is why it’s ideal for projects where the surface underneath needs to be preserved. Painted surfaces that have been vandalized or compromised can often employ soda blasting without requiring repainting afterwards.

Media Blasting Professionals

When you call our experts at IBX we’ll assess your building or structure and recommend a form of media blasting that works best. We also offer graffiti management services including an anti-graffiti coating to prevent further damage. Call us today to request what we do best! A quote for all of our graffiti removal and prevention services.


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