What to do after a house fire.

When a fire occurs!

It is always hard to clear head and quickly think about what you have to do after experiencing fire in your house. Below here we have listed some steps that you might consider if tough times come.

Immediately call restoration!

Fire is an awful experience and you wouldn’t be wanting to see your burnt house for a long time. A restoration company takes care of cleaning everything and of course, the restoration process. Here you can read more about the restoration process so you will make sure that when choosing IBX your house is in safe hands.

Find a Place to Stay

 Make sure you find a comfortable place to stay, your kids or pets will need to rest and you will be wanting to plan the further steps. You can choose a hotel near your place of living so your kids won’t miss school.it can also be a residence if you are not used to small rooms and the restoration project can last time.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Insurance is the umbrella that is mostly needed in these cases. So make sure your insurance agent takes care of the case and you get the profit from the policies you have been paying for.

Contact the Police

Even why it can be damaged, keep in mind that empty houses are quite attractive for squatters and looters. Alerting local police to your fire will make sure that your house is safe during your absence.

Plan Your Finances

Keep in mind that you need to plan a budget under which, all the expenses should be covered. Start from the most urgent needs and give priority to reconstruction. don’t forget to cancel cable and internet services if you will not be at home for months.

Create a List of Damaged Items

Making a list of items—both big and small—that were lost or damaged in the fire will ensure you’re reimbursed properly. It is also very important to make a list of important documents you lost in the fire. Documents like passports, drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, medical reports, tax information, etc., should be replaced immediately. First, replace the documents that are necessary for your claim.

Save Undamaged Possessions

If your home was partially damaged and deemed safe to re-enter, go back and remove anything that wasn’t affected by the fire. It’s also recommended to clean items after they’re removed from the house. Professional cleaning services have the experience and tools necessary to restore fire-affected items.

Wait to Turn on Utilities

If your utilities are disconnected, contact your fire department and utility provider before turning them on again. Connecting unsafe utilities can cause additional fires, gas leaks, and severe water damage. Have a professional inspect your home before attempting to turn on your utilities.

adminWhat to do after a house fire.

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