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When a fire happens, not everyone can see it. It’s known also that having just one alarm at a single point can’t be heard from everyone in the building. As a result, fire detection systems are the solution.

Fire Detection Systems include:

  • manual call points placed adjacent to exits
  • control and indicator panels
  • electronic bells or sirens

During Fire Detection Systems installation it’s very important to check the sound levels. They have to be loud enough to warn all people in the area of danger and also to take into consideration any background noise and recognizing any distinctive sounds used in the danger space.

Remember that the system shouldn’t fail, but if it happens for any reason, you have to ensure that every individual inside to alert for the fire and you have to help to evacuate the property safely.

After the damage, you have to upgrade your fire detection system. The upgrade may include the application of fire detection systems and fire warning features.


  • Think for people with hearing problems

During fire detection systems installation you have to think for individuals that can’t hear. If they are alone during a fire you have to consider other types of fire damage warnings like vibrating gadgets and visual beacons.

  • Voice Alarms

Even if you have fire detection systems, not everyone can react. In this way, you have to make voice fire alarms. They can be more effective because they include a person with expert knowledge for fire damage.

  • Schematic Plans & Alarm Receiving Centres

Both of them are essential during a fire. The first one is considered as part of fire safety awareness and the second one offers general protection, especially for the building.

  • Importance of Manual Alarm Call Points

Manual Alarm Call Points are glass call points that are positioned near the exit doors. They are important because they notice for individuals that past the fire danger.

  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems

They are important because:

  1. Notice if there are areas that are remote or where people can’t detect the fire.
  2. Notice for spaces where a fire can easily develop.
  3. They are considered as “property fire protection”

If your fire detection systems alert false fire alarms when a real fire happens, no-one will take it seriously. So, try to reduce false alarms.

  • Testing And Maintenance

The fire detection systems have to be supervised by a responsible individual who has the experience and is trained. But to ensure you have to test fire alarm systems at the same time each week. So you can offer the occupants high-level security.

If you need fire damage restoration help, call the IBX Services Team. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, you can call us at +1-416-252-5959.

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