How To Deal With Condensation Damp Problems

During the colder months, condensation damp problems are very stressful. They are caused as a result of excess moisture. You have to know that if you left the condensation damp problems untreated can cause mold and different health problems.

IBX Services have some recommendation on how to remove condensation damp problems:

A simple explanation of condensation is that it happens when hot, moist air hits cold, dry air. In this way, it forms some water droplets on cold surfaces, like windows or walls. It commonly happens in areas like the kitchen or bath as a result of bathing or cooking. By knowing the problem you can solve or prevent it easier. Luckily are a lot of methods that help you to remove condensation damp problems during winter months. Remember that condensation also happen during spring and summer months as a result of cooler nights.  Here are two simple methods to prevent it:

  • The first method is to open the window, in this way you remove all the warm air and replace it with cold air. After that, you have to heat it again the air.
  • The second method is to use ventilation to prevent condensation.

Condensation Damp Problems in the house

Of course, condensation is a big problem in homes. It is caused by excess water vapor in the air, by poor insulation, by lack of ventilation or inadequate heating. But when we talk about bath condensation means a headache. Every homeowner hates that but it’s a fact. After you take a bath, water droplets form on the window, walls, and mirror or everywhere in cold areas of the bathroom.

Bath mirrors can quickly steam up and become covered in condensation. But if you want to prevent condensation lather your mirror up with shaving cream and wipe clean with a towel. Another method is to use vinegar with water.

Condensation damp problems are “called” a ‘winter problem’. As a result of cooler in the winter, the air inside houses is warm and the possibility of condensation is higher. In this way, it forms water droplets that settle on colder surfaces, such as walls, mirrors, glass or window frames. Furthermore, during winter months we are likely to open windows and doors in an effort to keep homes warm, but in this way, we give the opportunity that moisture and the condensational air stay inside.

To prevent condensation from forming on cold surfaces you have to ensure that your house is heated evenly. Try to keep the thermostat at the same temperature inside the house.

Keep in mind these ways to treat condensation on walls:

  • Try to open doors and windows regularly way as often as you can.
  • Check your vents or air bricks one time per week to ensure that they are clear.
  • On sunny days and not only try to dry your clothes outside.
  • Use extractor fans in places where have moisture like kitchen and bath.

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