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Mold is one of the big home problems nowadays. Customers always require home builders to have a fast action plan; both the mold removal and to show customers a quality home builder. The most important is looking out for the costumer’s health and safety and the durability of their home.

In addition, choosing the right mold removal partner is another important thing to do. IBX Services is a mold removal company that can help you prevent mold by taking care of it immediately. We ensure to follow a process for mold removal which is adapted with mold type that is inside your home. Also, we use sophisticated techniques for quickly remediating mold problems.

IBX Services has for you some steps that can help for faster mold removal:

Learn something about moisture

You have to know that mold growth involves more than just looking at what’s visibly growing on the walls or in a corner. Mold can be an invisible intruder, as much you need a long period of time to understand it. But primarily, understand that behind all mold growth is a water or moisture problem. Our staff will take care to identify the moisture source and use its location to help locate all mold growth. After that, we will destroy all the mold.

Document the mold problem and create a removal plan

Before we begin remediation, we will document the mold situation with writing, photos, and video. Our warranty team supervisor will use the documentation to develop a mold removal plan. The typical questions of it are: when work has to begin; when that work is scheduled to be completed; who will be performing the remediation; any testing that should be done or if homeowners will be temporarily relocated.

We will calculate the extent of the contamination

You have to know that mold may not always grow in one area, so you need to figure out how much contamination you’re really looking at.
Our professional team will calculate the extent of the contamination and will take care of mold removal and clean up.

We determine if clean up of the mold removal has been successful

Just because the mold is gone and there’s no dirt or dust doesn’t mean that we’re done. After the clean, we will ensure if the cleanup process has been successful. Some of these guidelines include:

  • The moisture problem has been fixed. We will verify this by revisiting the home soon after remediation.
  • Homeowners should be able to occupy or re-occupy the home without physical symptoms or aggravated health complaints.
  • When we talk of the mold, the key is to implement a comprehensive moisture management strategy. We take care that you don’t have health issues from mold.

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