Steps Of Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

If a building happens to face the fire, it is very important to take quick action and contact a smoke and fire damage restoration company.
They are professionals and provide all the necessary clean up services. They also can help to prevent further damages and save you from paying extra on new damages.

You have to know that are some essential steps that should be considered for smoke and fire damage restoration. IBX Services as a restoration company recommends that these steps to be mandatory and must be followed strictly.

No matter the source of the fire, whenever your property is damaged by fire, it is a devastating experience. In this blog, you will learn some information about what happens to your property when fire damage happens. IBX Services offers 24 hours of emergency fire damage restoration.

Emergency Service for Quick Relief 

Fire damage is unexpectable, so don’t wait for fire damage assessment. If you will wait, then the damage to your property may increase with time, the smoke also, and you had to pay more on damage restoration on a later stage. Contact a company providing emergency services so that immediate assessment can be done.

Smoke and Fire Damage Assessment

A smoke and fire damage restoration company will thoroughly assess your property for damages. The process includes:

  •  looking where the fire traveled
  • learning how much harm has been done to the infrastructure
  • examining where the smoke and residue spread
  • checking if the appliances and furniture is damaged by the fire

This process will help you in knowing what step you should take next and what restoration process you need.

Preventative Services

Immediately after the completion of the assessment process, IBX Services will work to prevent any further damages. Generally, this includes sealing the holes of walls and roofs that are made by our fire controllers while extinguishing it.

Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup

After all the preventative services, the essential step of fire damage restoration clean-up is performed. Our professionals will remove dust, soot, and smoke so that your home get rid of burnt and blackened stains. They will prevent any water damage and serious health problems. After the cleaning of water, they remove unrepairable items too.

Damage Repair 

After cleaning your home, our restoration company repairs it. We paint the walls into new, install new carpets and replace the kitchen cabinet if damaged. We also, work in the best way possible to make your home look back to normal. To restore the furniture and polish all the antiques.

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