Top 10 Causes Of Home Flooding And Water Damage

Most homeowners experience some type of water issue in their homes. Below find the 10 most common reasons for home water damage issues. Many of these items require simple maintenance to avoid. The bottom line is if you understand the different causes of water damage you can prevent it from happening in your home.

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1. Broken Pipes: When water in pipes freezes and expands old pipes and taps can break.


2. Faulty Foundations: Homes built near coastal regions are at risk for foundation drainage issues. The home’s foundation should be on a sturdy, concrete pile (solid cement beams driven into the ground) with careful considerations based on the 100-year base flood elevation.


3. Plugged Drainage Systems: Poor drainage systems or aged drainage lines are a leading cause of house flooding. Drainage problems may arise from rain leaking from gutter downspouts, blocked passage to the sewer line, or even poor lawn drainage such as poorly done trenches or channel drains.

4. Clogged Gutters: Gutters are basically long channels that sit along the lower edge of your roof. Without the gutter, or with a defective or clogged gutter, the water would simply fall right next to the house and form a pool near the foundation.

5. Washing Machine Failure: These can originate from various unseen sources beneath and around the base of the appliance. Water can even flood from the back of the unit to the front; running along the floor if your washer is on a slanted surface such as a garage floor.

6. Water Heater Failure: The greatest reason for hot water failure is neglect. Most hot water heaters are installed and never looked at again. Not a good idea. Take out your calendar and mark a time at least once a year to inspect your hot water heater. Leaks can develop slowly and destroy a heater from the outside.

7. Sewer Backup: Shrubs and trees seeking moisture can make their way into sewer line cracks causing extensive damage. They may start out small; getting into a small crack in the pipe. But, as the tree or shrub continues to grow, so does the root. Tree roots can enter the service pipe at joints and cause blockages.

8. Unsuitable Locations for Your Home: One of the most typical causes of basement flooding is that the house has been constructed on an unsuitable site. Usually, houses are built on terrains that slope down away from them, allowing for any accumulated water to drain away.

9. Poor Floor and Wall Sealing: If the basement tiles have not been sealed properly during the construction of your house, water will easily seep through them, especially in the event of extreme weather conditions. If your basement often fills with water after heavy storms and downpours, you may want to check its sealing and, if necessary, take measures to fix it.

10. Clogged Toilet: A toilet will overflow if the pipes that lead toilet water out become clogged. Damage to the home plumbing system will cause a back up, as will things going down the pipes that do not belong or break down – too much toilet paper, solid objects, foods, and feminine products will all cause a toilet to clog and then overflow if the water does not have a way to rush out.

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Reminder: With any type of water damage in the home drying the affected areas within three days or less will help prevent the growth of toxic mold.

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