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After a house fire, there will be a variety of damage so you will need some helpful tips on how to clean up a fire damaged house. The most stressful part is when it comes to cleaning up, you should know what to do and who to call. It is emotionally exhausting when you think that not only items have been burned and damaged. The home will likely be damaged by water, soot, and smoke. Walls will most likely be cut by firefighters to check for hidden flames.

The first priority is to keep your family’s safety. Do not enter your house until a building inspector has posted a color-signed and you fully understand the sign. Toxins may have been created by the fire making your home dangerous to live. Before using electricity in your home, consider hiring a professional building inspector to make sure it’s safe to use.


Protect yourself – It is the most important tip that you protect yourself from toxins created by the flames. Wear sturdy work gloves and eye protection, and do not forget to open all the windows and doors when working.

Remove trash – Once you have received the insurance company confirmation, to begin with, house cleaning, begins with trash removal. There will be a lot of trash so begin with removing any item that will attract mold growth such as clothing and other wet fabrics.

Drying out floor – It is important to dry out flooring to prevent future damage even mold growth. The most useful thing that you can do is determine if water has seeped underneath the floorboard and carpet mats, if yes then the flooring may need to be replaced.

Walls and ceiling cleaning – Future damage should be prevented by making sure that the structure of your home is protected. If drywall or ceiling has been completely soaked through with water, you should contact professionals to see if the structure of your house can be maintained.

All the above tips are in case of minor fire damage if it is extensive fire damage then you should get in touch with your local fire company. Professional work is going to be performed by fire companies determining the best way how to restore walls and buildings. If you want a safer home than don’t think only to repair your home, build in fire-resistant features to help protect against future damage. Hard-wired is an interconnected smoke alarm with battery back-up on every level of the home, outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom. Try using building materials, furnishings, and plants that resist fire.

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