How much does it Cost to Fix Fire damaged House

As there are many factors that determine the calculation of fire cleaning and restoration for a damaged house, estimating the costs can be very difficult and might vary. Even if the fire was small, it can result in extensive damage from smoke and the water used to extinguish the fire. To avoid further problems like wood rot and mold growth, the re restoration process and repair are essential and should be done asap. If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, here are some things you should know first. 

How much does it Cost to Fix Fire damaged House?

Estimating a fire damage restoration cost depends on some factors including the size of the property, location, the amount of damage, the things and belongings damaged that need to go through cleaning and repair, what needs to be repaired, and other services it might need. There can be possessions that are considered unsalvageable and must undergo a complete replacement. 

As the fire is likely to have been extinguished by water, there must be a mess since all that amount of water has been soaked by the wood floor, home structure, walls, cabinets, and furnishes. Here comes the term “water damage” as the fire damage was not enough. The longer the property stays wet, the greater the damage becomes. This will result in mold infestation and the cleanup costs will go up as mold inspection and remediation will be needed. 

Fire is accompanied always by soot pollution. The kind of soot depends on the kind of material that has been burned. All the black stains around the walls, ceiling, carpets, and furniture are soot and it can penetrate surfaces and lead to permanent damage if not cleaned properly and in time. 

One of the worst outcomes of a fire taking place is the foul smoke odors. It is very similar to soot, if action is not taken immediately, the damage will be permanent. Porous materials will absorb smoke very easily and will leave them with unpleasant odors that will continue to intensify. Also, the HVAC system can be very affected by smoke and soot so to prevent the health issues that it might cause, deep cleaning them is much needed.

As fires are quite generous, the damage in cabinetry, roofs, and carpeting can be disastrous and might need to be replaced. That’s why fire reconstructions can be essential.

So with all these factors, what is the average cost to fix a fire-damaged house? This might vary anywhere between $800 to $4500 to restore a house from a small fire with not so much damage. Larger fires mean larger catastrophes meaning larger amounts of money needed as they can cost up to $50000-$100000. 

Once you make sure everyone that was inside when the fire occurred, be sure to take pictures and estimate the value of your belongings and then file a claim to your insurance agent and call the restoration services company.

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Such issues require professional service so you will be able to fix and repair it without having to completely redo a new one. Water damage can originate from different sources such as a broken dishwasher hose, a washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, broken/leaking pipes, and clogged toilets. Water is essential to life but it is also the single most destructive substance in an indoor environment. It has the unique ability to spread very quickly in the places you’d least expect following the path of less resistance.

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adminHow much does it Cost to Fix Fire damaged House

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