Fire Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services near me

What does a fire damage cleaning & restoration company do? 

Dealing with fire and the aftermath is desperating. Fires can be small but the damage will be generous. To extinguish the fire, water will be needed. All that water thrown inside the property will be absorbed by the walls, roof, wood floors, and all the way to the structure. This will cause rotting, damage, and mold growth. We don’t think you will want this along with what the fire-damaged, right? After all the water comes the smoke and the soot. Terrible! And what about everything that has been damaged? How to restore them? These and more are the reasons why immediately after you make sure everyone is safe and the fire is extinguished, you have to call the nearest Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Service Companies. 

IBX Services, your nearest and best choice

Fire is capable of sweeping through a building in no time like within minutes or even seconds.  Flame and smoke are going to destroy its structure and damage all of its contents. Files and important documents, and personal items can be lost forever if you choose inexperienced so-called “professionals” to handle the job.

At IBX Services, our certified technicians are experts in emergency board-up, soot, and odor removal, cleaning in detail, water damage restoration, content clean-up, and structural restoration. With an assigned project manager, our consultants will create a step-by-step plan to inspect and restore the damage and bring back your property to its pre-loss condition.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of the building. After making sure everything and everyone is safe, we begin the process of cleaning the air, removing all airborne particulates that cause smoky odors. We work quickly and effectively to salvage your building’s contents where it is possible, and finally, we lead the rebuilding of your damaged property. Our experienced and professional team and state-of-the-art fleet are dispatched to projects of all sizes.

Fires can devastate people’s lives, causing immense sentimental and emotional, also financial losses. IBX Services provides professional solutions to help our customers pick up their lives and move on after a fire. 

At IBX Services, we know a phone call to a disaster restoration company is the last one you imagined yourself making. Time is the most crucial factor in restoring and remediating your property and minimizing your losses. So when disaster strikes, call the right professionals, at the right time. With many years of experience, extensive training, and the most advanced equipment, IBX Services is the leading cleaning and restoration company serving Ontario. 

Who we are

IBX Services is a full-services company for any kind of emergency service in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area). What it signifies is that we offer the full range of solutions required for complete emergency services, cleaning and disinfection services, and commercial services too. From identifying the cause of the problem to fixing any design flaws in the affected areas, and the prevention of further and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any other indirect problem, we strive to be a leader in the emergency services solutions industry. Feel free to contact via email at [email protected] or via phone: (416) 252-5959.

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