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Getting rid of all mold spores in your house, it’s almost impossible. But you know that mold spores can’t grow without moisture, so if you reducing moisture in your home is the best way to prevent or eliminate mold growth. If mold spores growing in your home, it’s important to clean up the mold and fix the problem causing dampness. If you clean up the mold but don’t fix the problem, the mold will most likely return. For this reason, the IBX Services professional team has some mold tips for reducing moisture throughout the home and prevent mold growth.

Mold Tips – Around Your House:

  • We recommend using dehumidifiers and air conditioners. In particular, during hot, humid climates, to reduce moisture in the air.
  • Use a hygrometer instrument available at many hardware stores to measure relative in your space. Always try keeping the indoor humidity below 60%.
  • Often check the air conditioning and keep air conditioning drip pans clean. Ensure drain lines are free of obstructions and flow properly too.
  • During cool weather, try keeping the house warm. You have to know that as the temperature goes down, the air is less able to hold moisture and it condenses on cold surfaces, which can encourage mold growth.
  • You can add insulation to cold surfaces, such as exterior walls, floors, and windows to reduce condensation.
  • We recommend to you, to use heating and cooling contractors to check your heating and cooling system to make sure it’s sized and operating properly to remove humidity. In cases where the system is too big or the airflow is incorrect, your air conditioner will not remove humidity as it should. When this happens, call our professionals to check your duct system for air leaks, and proper size and airflow to each room.
  • Remember to open doors between rooms to increase circulation, which carries heat to cold surfaces. Also, increase air circulation by using fans and by moving furniture from wall corners.

Tips – In the Kitchen:

The kitchen is a space where mold always likes to grow. This as a result of the moistures that can happen in the kitchen during the cook. So, here the mold tips are very essential to remember.

  • IBX Services team recommends using exhaust fans to move moisture outside (not into the attic) whenever you are cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning.
  • If you notice moisture on windows and other surfaces, turn off certain appliances like a baking oven or microwave.
  • Often check for leaks around the kitchen sink, refrigerator ice makers, and other sources of water. Repair or replace it if necessary.
  • Also, you can empty and clean refrigerator drip pans if necessary.

IBX Services as a mold removal company can help you with the mold and moisture remediation. Call us today at +1-416-252-5959 and we will be in your home as soon as we can!


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