Some Ways To Reduce Mold and Its Allergies

Sometimes you may have seen any black spots on your shower curtain, the fuzzy white patches on your basement floor, etc. Those are signs of mold, and always are very unsightly. In several cases, mold in your house can make you sick, particularly, if you are allergic or you have asthma.

Some Ways to Reduce:

  • Track the Numbers

If you’re allergic to mold, you can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Mold thrives in so many and different places, indoors and out. Ensure to take provision to limit your exposure. Be attent from outdoor spore levels. When they’re high, don’t spend as much time outside.

  • Think Before You Go

Mold is more spread in some specific warehouses and businesses. Some concrete examples are greenhouses, farms, flower shops, construction sites, and antique shops. Before you go there, take with yourself your allergy medication or put a dust mask.

  • Know What to Avoid

Typical places with mold, are uncut fields and piles of damp leaves. Stay away from them if you can. In cases, where you have to mow the lawn, dig up plants, or rake leaves, wear a dust mask. After your work outside, take a shower to wash away any spores that you may have on your skin and hair.

  • Take the Moisture Out

Make your home less mold-friendly. The key is to control the amount of moisture in the air. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners will help. The humidity needs to be below 60%. Between 35% and 50% is even better. You can buy an inexpensive meter to measure your home’s humidity at a hardware store.

  • Keep It Clean

Mold may flourish in warm, damp bathrooms and humid kitchens.
To prevent this, pay attention to it in refrigerator drip pans, door seals, and garbage pails. Also, an exhaust fan or open window in the bathroom will help cut down on humidity.

  • Check Your Basement

A damp cellar can be a moldy place. Lower the humidity by turning up the thermostat or running a dehumidifier. Choose to the floor such as linoleum or concrete that doesn’t hold in moisture. And take a look at what you’re storing down there: It can grow on old papers, bedding, and clothes.

An air-conditioning will trap outdoor mold spores and keep them out of your house. Also is very essential to keep drain lines clean so that mold can’t grow in them. Ensure your dryer vents are clear as well.

  • Act Fast

Quick action pays off. In cases when you have a leak or spill you have to dry the rug within 48 hours to keep it from growing. Don’t delay.

If you can’t remove or reduce it in your house, contact a mold removal company. The best choice is the IBX Service. We will help you to clean up your property and to learn new ways to prevent it.

adminSome Ways To Reduce Mold and Its Allergies

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