Temporary Fencing Services

Temporary Fencing

The perfect solution when fencing is temporary fencing without the need of a permanent installation. A time and money saver, the temporary fence has many uses in the construction industry and can easily be taken down and put up in minutes by as little as two men. This comes in handy for jobs that are constantly changing locations.

IBX Services provides a variety of quality temporary fencing for construction sites, vacant sites, and during emergency disaster situations. Properties that have suffered damages due to fire, flood, storm, destruction, wind require immediate attention and response to secure the safety of everyone around and ensure equipment and site security. At IBX Services, safety is of utmost importance, therefore we extend our services and answer your fencing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Temporary fencing creates a safety net for properties to avoid further liability damage from property destruction, vandalism, and robbery.

It is also the perfect solution for all types of events.

It can be used for fairs, festivals, sporting events, musical concerts, and shows. A temporary fence can create special spaces in events for security, crowd control, or even special VIP areas.

Fencing comes in various designs and colors that help keep the space appealing in addition to protecting all kinds of spaces.


Temporary fencing performs a multitude of services for outdoor events. Regardless of whether you are organizing an outdoor festival, concert, sporting event, or you need to enclose a temporary construction site, temporary fencing may be just what you need.
If you are searching for a high-quality temporary fencing company that offers its services at an affordable price, contact Toronto’s most reliable fencing company, IBX. Call today to schedule a free, hassle-free estimate for your fencing needs.

Perks of Temporary Fencing

Our fencing services assist with the following:

  • Theft prevention
  • Liability management
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • The crowd and access control
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